Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, "Exploring San Pancho"

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San Pancho, aka San Francisco, is just north of Sayulita on the Nayarit coast.

San Pancho has a dream beach surrounded by a jungle of dense palms.The town is modest but colorful. It happens to have one of our all-timefavorite restaurants.

San Pancho is on the same gentrification trajectory as Sayulita,though slightly behind thanks to the few extra miles buffering it fromVallarta. Many people who originally "discovered" Sayulita havemigrated up to San Pancho to flee the Sayulita scene and find realestate bargains.

We've heard about water issues that may constrain development here.We hope there are sustainable solutions so others can appreciate thistreasure ... without ruining it.

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