La Gloria, Veracruz after the Swine Flu scare

A documentary titled, "Chronicles of the fight between the United Villages of Perote against the transnational Granjas Carroll," produced by Agraviados Fillms shows the groups' protests dating back to 2005 and news reports of their activities date to 2006. (Video clip of documentary:

Serrano claims that due to his activities predating the AH1N1 outbreak, he was arrested on false charges for blocking a road during a protest at which he wasn´t present, and that he was offered a bribe to keep quiet. He asked us to tell the world that the people of his town need help. He called for university students to come study the contamination that he says is occurring in La Gloria.
But even his family's disdain for the media was apparent. "What is the benefit for him?" his wife asked as soon as we entered their house. "Reporters come and he talks to them and he doesn't work, and we depend on that."

It is difficult to tell where the struggle between the people of La Gloria and Granjas Carroll de Mexico will lead, if anywhere. But, Serrano and his colleagues will try to make sure it continues.
And who knows what little Edgar will think when he is older and looks back at this whole experience.
As outsiders we can put the paper down, turn off the computer and television, but the relationship between La Gloria and Granjas Carroll and the effect of having the world´s attention, however briefly, has no off button.

We may never know if swine flu originated in La Gloria or not. But that might not be the most important thing; maybe the most important thing would be to learn the lessons that would improve the lives of poor people who work on and live by industrial farms. And, the study and implementation of these lessons move far more slowly than the attention span of the 21st century news cycle.