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The Sunbrella Secret: Great looking, long lasting garden furniture

SunPro Mexico creates custom furniture for your home and garden.

Image: Courtesy GlenRaven Inc.

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One of the greatthings about living in Mexico is how much time we spend outside, taking fulladvantage of this country's marvelous climate. Life in Mexico means enjoyingdays of relaxation in beautifully landscaped gardens in Cuernavaca, lushterraces in Oaxaca or decks with a view of the turquoise sea in Playa delCarmen.

But furnishingyour outdoor spaces in a land that receives 300 or more days of sun a year (350in Los Cabos!), not to mention five months of afternoon thunderstorms duringthe rainy season, isn't the same as buying lawn furniture for your backyard inChicago or Toronto. After a year of intense weather in Mexico, the averageoutdoor cushion fades or falls apart, turning your vibrant paradise into afrayed, dilapidated eyesore.

Finding high-qualitygarden furniture in Mexico used to be tough; sweaty PVC plastic-coveredcushions were the norm. Now, thanks to a company called Sunpro Mexico, Sunbrella, the most widely used outdoor fabric in the US, is availablefrom Ensenada to Merida in our adopted home.

Not only is Sunbrellagorgeous-it comes in so manycolors and patterns you'll have no problem making it a signature feature ofyour Mexican dream house-it's one of the most practical and durable outdoorfabrics on the market today.

What makes Sunbrella different?

First of all, it breathes-Sunbrella is a woven acrylicwith the look and feel of cotton-so say goodbye to those sticky seat cushions.

And even the mostintense Mexican sun won't fadeSunbrella's brilliant colors: just like the traditional weavings of Mexico'sZapotecs, Sunbrella's fibers are infused with natural pigments, not just dyedon the outside.

The Skin CancerFoundation has given Sunbrella its highest rating for its ability to block harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Sunbrella istreated with a special coating that makes it water repellent. That will keep thosesummer downpours from drenching your comida guests-Sunbrella's a natural forumbrellas and awnings-and it'll keep exuberant comida guests from ruining yourfurniture. No need to worry about that spilled red wine: it'll roll right off. Eventough stains like tree sap or birddroppings come out after cleaning with Clorox, with no damage whatsoever tothe color. An inexpensive protective spray, available at your local Home Depot,will restore your furrniture's water repellent properties after a Cloroxcleaning.

Sunpro is your custom design expert

Sunpro's expertsare custom design specialists who can create your outdoor furniture fromscratch, or make new Sunbrella cushions to turn your grandfather's old castiron bench into the centerpiece of your patio. Just give Sunpro a sketch ofyour furniture ideas and they'll make sure you get exactly what you want, thenthey'll ship your order right to your door. And unlike cushions made by thelocal upholstery man, even the threadused is top quality, so while your neighbors' cushions are coming apart at theseams, your Sunpro custom cushions will be as strong and beautiful as ever.

Best of all,Sunbrella offers a 10-year warranty against fading, staining and the growth ofmold and mildew.

Custom cushionsare just one aspect of Sunpro's business. They also produce solar curtains thatcan reflect up to 65% of the heat coming into your house, which dramaticallyreduces electricity costs and your carbon footprint. Customers large and small,from private homeowners around the country to restaurants and boutique hotels,and even Centro Commercial Antara, Mexico City's most exclusive shoppingcenter, have hired Sunpro to create outdoor and indoor spaces that are bothbeautiful and energy efficient.

You've invested a lot of time and money in your Mexicandream home; isn't it time you stopped throwing money away on flimsy curtains orthe yearly set of unattractive garden furniture that quickly falls apart?

It's time to start getting real value for your decoratingdollars, pesos and euros. Call Rossy Stewart, SunPro President, today, +52 (55)5262-2720 or email her at rossy@sunpro.com.mxand mention INSIDE MÉXICO to get startedwith this month's special promotions.

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