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Adrian Aguirre is a graphic designer and photographer who owns a small design company called Pulpa Diseño that produces hand silk-screened collectible notebooks, posters, flyers and other products.

Image:Luz Montero

Designer Adrian Aguirre's Mexico City studio.

Inside México: How long have you lived in this apartment?

Adrián Aguirre: Three years. This apartment is small, but doesn't appear small and is a perfect photography and design studio. The ceilings are 5 meters high which helps when hanging a photo backdrop and for creating additional storage space. I found this place by walking the streets.

The building is about 150 years old. It appears in one of the original paintings in the Casa de los Azulejos [at 5 de Mayo and Madero, Centro].

IM: Tell us about all these movie posters on the wall.

AA: I have a huge collection of movie posters that were given to me by my grandpa, who had a movie theater in Coahuila. They are original posters from the 40s and 50s, the golden era of Mexican and foreign cinema. It's very inspiring as a designer to have such posters on the wall...I also have photos on the walls, simple things that visually enhance the space for me and make it livable.


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