XI International Meeting of Universal Brotherhood

A very popular proverb says: Diversity makes Richness in all Aspects; this is the reason San Miguel de Allende surprise us once again bringing to citizenry and visitors a peculiar event called International Meeting of Universal Brotherhood which will be showed for the 11º time from May 20th to the 28th.  


Since the beginning of times, San Miguel de Allende has been a cultural city that has reflected its brightness and traditions to the world. There couldn’t be a better place to inspire organizing this meeting.  But the staff, who has been in charge of the event, are not the only ones helping with the organization. Year by year the Civil Society has worked harder on checking every detail to present a perfect show. You can see that their efforts have gotten many benefits along time such as the actual brotherhood San Miguel de Allende has with different countries. All of them look for harmony and peace through knowledge of their history and traditions.   


One of the main goals the organizers have on mind is that young people from different counties (including Mexico of course), who have been concerned in spread, could be able to share what they are and could know other cultures. It can be reached with school exchanges between students who give peace messages around the globe. It will transform our world in one with none limits for friendships and harmony.


The meeting’s Schedule will include interesting activities like: rewards for people that made remarkable humanitarian acts, concerts and dance shows, picture and handcraft exhibitions, piano recitals, flags parades, etc. Angela Peralta Theater and San Miguel de Allende’s main square are going to be the sceneries. The access to the events is totally free of charge.


We will be honored with special guest from different embassies, business man from every continent and young people.


Hopefully you can assist to this event! To know more information about it feel free to visit the official web site at:



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Teresa Matamoros

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