Guanajuato Hosts the Medieval Festival

It is not necessary to travel back in time for living at the Medieval Age and discover the amazing deeds knights used to do. Guanajuato city celebrates form April 28th to the 30th at the Aguilar y Maya’s Baseball stadium, a well known festival called the Medieval Festival for its 10th edition.


The Fest’s goal is to recreate this age and share with the audience the most popular stories, adventures and legends. Spectators will be part of the amazing tales and will become authentic warriors.


You will find archery activities where staff will show you how essential arches and arrows were to survive at that time. These tools were very important to conquer enormous emperies. Several flaggers will create fun and colorful spectacles. They will tell us the different uses of flags such as military instruments, etc.


Equestrian groups will be the stars of the shows. Elegance and braveness were the characteristics that made them shine among the crowd. Noble knights and strong horses will take the stadium in Guanajuato and will catch the attention of everyone.


If that is not enough for you, horse encounters will transform the event in exciting tournaments where you will see brilliant armors, heavy shields and great swords. Those encounters were Social Events where spectators used to be rich people.


Music and dance performances are added to the schedule too. Beautiful melodies will fill the atmosphere with the sounds of pipes, dudelsacks, flutes, tambourines, and guitars. We want you to have a authentic medieval environment.


If you are interested in having a great time with your family and friends, come to Guanajuato and live the Medieval Festival with us. To know more about the event visit:


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Teresa Matamoros

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