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MIAMEX Consulting: Baby Boomers in Mexico

Do wish you could market your business in English and startearning more revenue from tourists arriving from the United States, Canada andEurope who come to Mexico and Latin America to spend dollars, euros orpounds? Do you need help finding the resident English speaking market in Mexico?

Baby Boomers come to relax on the beach in Mexico.

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The Market Intelligence Agency, bilingual (English/Spanish)communications and marketing experts specializing in marketing LatinAmerica businesses and tourist locations to international clients, areavailable to help you turn your business around and profit from theboom in global tourism. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

· Market evaluations to determine your business’s competitivestrengths and how to better position your brand to attract foreignclients;

· A comprehensive review of all of your existing marketing materials, and translation into perfect and compelling English;

· Creation of high-impact marketing techniques and cross-platform marketing materials;

· Implementation of online strategies, including websiteconstruction and/or relaunch, search engine optimization and contentcreation;

· Consultation on the amenities and features that are preferred by foreign clients.

We guarantee that your business will be better positioned to succeedwith the lucrative foreign tourist and real estate investor market whenwe are done.

With a combined 50+ years of experience in Mexico and Latin America and morethan two decades in online and offline marketing and communications,media, PR and business development, the Market Intelligence Agency canhelp your tourist or real estate business get on the fast road tobusiness success.

Whether your business is in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, theDominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia or any other LatinAmerican country, we can help.

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