How much worse can it get?

More than a jubilant grito marking both independence and revolution, people in Mexico are getting ready to let loose a Ginsbergian howl.

Are you making plans to celebrate the grito at a special place?

I was getting in the mood when a plane ticket I had bought from a former airline known as Mexicana went down the drain.

Now other carriers are offering to take me and many other bystanders where we want to long as I buy tickets from them.

Then, as I was almost done convincing myself to buy a new ticket, the US Embassy comes out with a new travel warning. I'm sure they don't want to spoil the party; they are only doing their job.

My security consultant friends assure me that there is nothing to fear since the DEA is settling into brand-new offices in Mexico City with state-of-the-art gear to nab narcos and give peace a chance.

After all, mis amigos tell me that the navy secretary has publicly requested that those corporations called cartels avoid any actions during fiestas patrias, especially any that might affect civilians (see press conference video).

Since even the CEOs of those criminal corporations can be sensitive guys and need days off during holidays, one can be pretty sure that the sound of firecrackers on grito night will be real, not the result of some random gunfight. Right?


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