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Mudanzas Gou: expertise and service for your international move

Mr. Eduardo Gou, General Manager of Mudanzas Gou

Image: Courtesy Mudanzas Gou

An international move is one of life'schallenging events. Selecting the right mover-one with the experience andexpertise to help you transport your belongings and life to another country-can mean the difference between a painful transition and hitting the groundrunning in your new home.  

Mudanzas Gou is Mexico's oldest moving and relocationscompany, with 109 years of experience. Mr. Eduardo Gou, the company's General Manager, and the grandson of thefounder, speaks about what to look for in an international moving firm, and offersa checklist to ensure your move is a success.

Q. What affects the costof an international move?

Mr. Eduardo Gou: The cost of an international movedepends on both the weight of the goods to be moved and their volume. The firstthing we do for a potential client is to send one of our experienced customerservice representatives to their home for a free assessment. Our customerservice rep does a walkthrough, looks at the household items to be moved andestimates the size of the move. We are then able to give the client aquotation.

To come up with a more accurate cost, however,we will need to do a detailed survey of all of the household items to be moved.We work to understand the client's budget and can offer advice on how to maketheir move both efficient and cost-effective. 

Q: Who are Mudanzas Gou's primary clients?

EG: We have two types of clients: corporate orinstitutional accounts like Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company and the UnitedStates, Canadian and other international embassies, which are constantlytransferring their strategic staff around the world; and private individuals.Each client's needs are distinct, so no matter how large or small the move, wegive them the personalized attention required to meet their particular needs.

Q: Can you help yourclients with customs paperwork and other necessary documents?

EG: Absolutely. We work with our clients fromthe very beginning to make sure that they understand how and when all paperworkneeds to be submitted. Our representatives will come to your house and help youfill out the forms correctly. This way we avoid problems with customs in Mexicoor any other country.

We can advise you what items should travel withyou personally, and which are prohibited in the move. We can even advise you onmoving your pets. Each country has different regulations, so it's critical thatyour mover is able to prepare your possessions properly for entry into aparticular destination country.

Q. Should clients buy insurancefor their moves?

EG: Customers entrust their valuable items tous, and expect them to arrive in the same conditions in which they left.  Our packing crews are trained to protectevery single item in a client's move, but accidents do happen. We offer clientsan international insurance policy, just to be prepared for any eventuality.

Q. What certificationsshould an international mover have?

EG: The governing organization for theinternational moving industry is called FIDI, and their mission is to developand promote best practices among their member organizations. Their qualitystandard certification is called FAIM, which is designed to ensure door-to-doorcustomer satisfaction for their international move.

We are a member of FIDI and an activeparticipant in FAIM, which means that every two years an Ernst and Youngauditor comes to our facilities to make sure that we are compliant with theFAIM standards.  This gives our clients theconfidence that the service they receive with Mudanzas Gou is the same as they´dreceive from the finest moving companies anywhere in the world.

Mudanzas Gou has more than a century's worth ofexperience in the moving industry. My grandfather, Francisco Gou, immigrated toMexico from Catalonia, Spain at the end of the 19th century andfounded this company in 1900. I'm the third generation of the family to manageMudanzas Gou, and I'm about to turn over the reins to the fourth, my son.

However our infrastructure is completelymodern. We cover the country with eight branch offices, and our warehouses arestaffed by crews who go through a year of rigorous training.  Our moving trucks are tracked by satellite.

Q:  Have you performed any particularlyinteresting moves that you can tell us about?

EG: We're fortunate to have counted sports stars, celebrities and publicfigures among our many clients. We recently moved Mr. Carlos Fuentes, therenowned Mexican novelist, including all the books in his personal library andhis many awards. We were the movers for an international exhibition of the artwork of Mexican painter Mr. Rafael Coronel. And in 2007, we moved the estate of the Mexican movie star Maria Felixto New York to be sold at auction by Christie's. 

One of our fondest memories was helping hisHoliness Pope John Paul II with the logistics of his visit to Mexico in 2002.We can also assist clients move their goods around for trade shows and specialevents.

Obviously, however, many of our moves are boundby confidentiality. To help a client move is to be privy to their most privatespaces, and we guarantee total discretion and confidentiality.

For immediate answers to questions relating to your international move, call Genaro Guzman at +52 (55) 5062-2631, or email him at g.guzman@mudanzasgou.com.


Print this list and save it for your international move!

Before the move

  • Review the entire house from bottom to top and side to side. This is a great opportunity to get rid of anything you don't use anymore.
  • Ask your Mudanzas Gou representative about the correct packing procedures for fragile items. We can help you pack or provide the correct boxes for the job.
  • Cancel contracts with the following: electric company, phone company, gas suppliers, cable TV.
  • Send a change of mail address to the following: newspapers and magazines; credit cards; Social Security or other government agencies; immigration authorities (if you are a foreigner); insurance companies; banks; friends and relatives.
  • Transfer your bank accounts if necessary, and be sure to get necessary school certificates and records for children.
  • Ask your doctor and dentist to recommend health care providers in your new community.
  • Valuable items such as jewelry, money and checkbooks, personal documents, passports, tickers, car titles, and insurance certificates must be taken with you personally.
  • If you need help transporting pets or automobiles, we can make the arrangements for you.

The day before the move

  • Make sure that everything, including dishware, glassware, books, clothes, furniture and personal effects are packed and ready to go.

The day of the move

  • Take it easy. Mudanzas Gou is in charge of providing door to door service. We just need you or your designated representative to be on hand to coordinate the loading of your shipment at the point of origin and the unloading at your destination.

After the move

  • Take an inventory of all items as you unpack, and report any anomalies to Mudanzas Gou or your insurance company. If you do discover damage or losses, file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible to expedite a settlement. Mudanzas Gou also provides an unpacking service.

 For immediate answers to questions relating to your international move, call Genaro Guzman at +52 (55) 5062-2631, or email him at g.guzman@mudanzasgou.com.