Diagnosis: reliable results

Good treatment starts with good diagnostics: A wide array of clinical lab options are found in Mexico, and they vary in both price and quality. The reliability of clinical tests depends on two elements: the type of machine used to analyze your blood, and the quality and consistency of the control process used to collect, prepare, analyze, and report the clinical results to doctors and patients. In simple terms, the more reliable the test result, the better the doctor will be able to accurately diagnose the problem and recommend treatment.

The first type of clinical lab your doctor might recommend is an “Integrator Lab”, one with many branches and central processing labs. In general terms, these labs have solid infrastructure with high-end equipment and welltrained staff. They usually provide both clinical (bloodwork) and imaging diagnostics, as well as specialized tests like audiometrics and colonoscopy. These labs assure quality through automated and mechanical analyzers. Quality is maintained by adhering to international and national quality control standards, and through staff training programs. Their prices are competitive and test quality is assured.

Lab name + certification/management systems 

Chopo, www.chopo.com.mx, ISO 15189-2003 + CAP Médico

Polanco, www.impolanco.com, PACAL + AMBC + UnityBiorad + ISO 9001-2000 in process.

Jenner, www.laboratoriojenner.com.mx, PACAL + EMA

The second type of clinical labs out there are what I call “Reputable Labs.” Basically, they are medium–size “boutique” labs that perform a lower volume of tests. They usually have six to fifteen branches within a specific region or metropolitan area, and offer years of experience and an excellent reputation. Their prices are usually higher than those at “Integrator Labs,” but they feel more private and are known for their reliability.

I include in this category labs in the high-end private hospitals, which are held to national and international quality standards. They are both safe and reliable.

Lab name + certification/management systems 

Laboratorios Biomédicos, www.laboratoriosbiomedicos.com, PACAL + AMBC + ISO 9000

Laboratorios TJ Oriard, www.tjoriard.com, PACAL + ISO 9001-2000

Biomédica de Referencia, www.biomedicadereferencia.com, PACAL + AMBC + ISO 9001-2000

Quest Diagnostics, www.questdiagnostics.com.mx, ISO 9001 + Six Sigma

Hospitals with Labs

Hospital ABC, www.laboratorioabc.com, ISO 9001-2000 + CAP

Hospital Angeles (group), www.laboratoriosbiomedicos.com, PACAL + AMBC + ISO 9000

Médica Sur, www.medicasur.com.mx, ISO 9001-2000 + CAP

I call the third type of clinical lab a “Corner Lab” (Laboratorios de la Esquina). Usually, these labs offer a limited menu of diagnostic tests. They normally have one branch and use semi-automated or manual technology with low quality chemicals that increase the probability of unreliable test results. These types of labs generally compete on price, offering services for well below the market average. If you are looking for a bargain, this may be an option for you, but it can be risky.


It is highly recommended you do your research prior to making a choice. Here are a few tips to help you find the right clinical lab for you in México.

1. It is important to verify that clinical labs have business management systems, like ISO 9001 or Six Sigma, in place. These management systems will assure quality control throughout the entire clinical diagnostic process. Also, verify that clinical labs have been recently certified by institutions like the AMBC, PACAL , and CAP, whose annual or bi-annual certifications assure the quality of the clinical processes.

Institution name + web site

PACAL-Programa de Aseguramiento de Calidad, www.pacal.org

COFEPRIS-Comisión Nacional para la Protección Contra los Riesgos Sanitarios, www.cofepris.gob.mx

AMBC-Asociación Mexicana de Bioquímica Clínica, www.ambc.com.mx

CAP-College of American Pathologists, www.cap.org

2. Ask how your blood sample will be analyzed: will the lab use manual, semi-automated, or automated analyzers? If they will manually analyze your test, make sure they have properly trained staff with years of experience.

3. Verify that they have an information system for consolidating and reporting data. Remember, you have the right to see the results, not just your doctor: you can request that the lab send you and your doctor the results by e-mail.

Milton Jorge is an International Strategic Medical Marketing Specialist. For additional information and inquiries, you can contact him at: mj@miltonjorge.com, www.miltonjorge.com



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برامج بورتابل portable
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ميديا واعلانات
اناشيد طيور الجنة
بلاك بيرى
توبيكات رومانسية
توبيكات اسماء
العاب صغيرة للاطفال
توبيكات اغانى
توبيكات اسلامية
صور سيارات
صور بنات
عالم حواء
العنايه بالشعر و البشره
soft archive
توبيكات شمس
منتدى برامج سوفت
العاب طبخ
العاب تلبيس
العاب قص الشعر

power strips
power socket
extension cords

booster cables
battery clip
tow rope
ratchet tie dowm
bathroom vanity
mosaic glass
extension cord
power strip
copper clad aluminum
recliner sofa
adhesive tape
shower enclosure
shower room
bar stools
non-woven bag
bamboo blinds
waiting chairs
security tags

non woven bag
non-woven fabric
storage box
dress bag
hanging organizer
shopping bag

cosmetic packaging
power cable
speaker cable
solar collector
solar water heater
extension cord
glue gun
power socket
drawing machine
straightening machine
power strip
leather sofa
sectional sofa
makeup brushes
hair rollers
make up brushes
drawer runner
drawer slides
solar heater
solar energy
bucket teeth
ratchet tiedown
booster cable
tow rope
glue stick
glue gun
booster cable
power cord
trouble light
glass bottle
dinning chair
optical fiber Cable
solar lighting
power strip
extension cord
trouble light
theater chair
tiered seating
booster cable
glue gun
battery clip
hot glue gun
power strips
booster cable
extension cords
swing chain
iron chain
knit scarf
knit hat
knitted shawl
booster cables
battery clip
tow rope
ratchet tie down
shower room
shower enclosure
computer steam shower room
bed hooks
scaffold coupler
solar water heater
solar collector
hair accessories
christmas ball

clinical thermometer
infrared forehead thermometer
rapid thermometer
basal thermometer
pacifier thermometer manufacturer
fever thermometer manufacturer
electronic thermometer manufacturer
forehead thermometer
medical thermometer
digital thermometer
flexible thermometer manufacturer
waterproof thermometer
baby thermometer manufacture
ear thermometer
infrared ear thermometer
digital sphygmomanometer manufacturer
digital blood pressure monitor manufacturer
upper arm blood pressure monitor
automatic digital blood pressure monitor
wrist blood pressure monitor