October 16, 2010 is our 27th Anniversary: Join us! MCHHH

Mexico City Hash House Harriers at www.mchhh.com is celebrating in 2010 our 27th anniversary.

Simply visit our website and proceed to page SCHEDULE to get all details. We began operating on October 12, 1983 and our founders were David Lawler, a British banker, "Peso" Jim Gregory, Dave "Wrongway" Arnold (both American, also bankers) and Steve "Co-Hare!" Case, a Firestone Co. executive, from the States.

The International Drinking Club with a Running Problem (TM) plans to start celebrations with a run on October 16, 2010 at 1 PM in the Senior Citizens' Park (Jardin de la Tercera Edad), next to the auditorium subway station, in Mexico City. Then we'll check out famous cantina Villa de Sarria for lunch, Dutch Treat. In the evening, a dance in Minatitlan 12, Roma, starting at 6 pm. Cost is $ 50 pesos p/p and must BYOB, until the beer keg courtesy by Grupo Modelo Brewery and our Piñas Coladas run out.

More information by writing to

Mario González-Román is President, Culture of Safe Travel, Crime and Loss Prevention at www.SecurityCornerMexico.com, a free independent information resource for the International Community. Also a regular editorial contributor in Insidemex.com